iPlasmaNano-VIII 2017
2 - 6 JULY
University of Antwerp
Antwerp Belgium

Symposium venue

The 8th edition of the iPlasmaNano Symposium will be held in the buildings of the University of Antwerp in the city centre, in the "Klooster van de Grauwzusters", Lange St. Annastraat 7, Antwerp. This location is at a convenient walking distance from the hotels in the city centre.

The monastery of the "Grauwzusters" (Grey Sisters Convent) in Antwerp has a rich history. Sisters in drab gray habit settled in the 17th century in Antwerp to take care of the victims of the plague. The current monastery, designed by French Baeckelmans, was built in 1887.

When the last of the Grey Sisters left the monastery in 1999, the Flemish government was looking for a new destination for this beautiful building, with the condition of continuing the tradition of social services. This was an excellent opportunity for the University of Antwerp, which at that time was looking for space in the city centre.

Symbiosis historical and contemporary architecture. The gable of the Grey Sisters Convent has remained virtually unchanged, while the interior was to preserve its authentic intimacy. Architects Van Broeck and Meuwissen were given the task to find a balance between historical and contemporary architecture.

The glass-domed courtyard is now a stylish reception and catering area. Around the patio are open cross-vaulted galleries created by removing the glass in the high window arches. Crossing the upper corridor, you will find anthracite gray blocks with an interior of bright red cushion cover. Even further up you will find conference rooms where the architects have created space and comfort by means of a wooden roof structure.

The cellars of the former monastery were converted into an ultramodern auditorium ("Promotion Hall") and additional space for catering during conferences. On the ground floor, the deconsecrated chapel has been restored to its original state and serves as a conference room and piano concert hall.

Oral sessions of the meeting will take place in the Promotion Hall, a fully equipped auditorium seating 100 persons, while the poster sessions, refreshment breaks and lunches will be set up in the chapel.

Klooster van de Grauwzusters



Dinners will be arranged in the "Universiteitsclub", which is a short walk from the meeting venue.

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